Get burning those calories


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Ever find yourself running around without time to go to the gym?! Well now you can still get through your daily activities without neglecting your exercise, just by introducing these simple tips to your daily routine.

1: Tip toe

Instead of standing lift up on the toes of your feet.Hold as long as you can it is a classic strength building exercise. If you can do this you can burn few calories and develop bigger calf muscles which burn more calories over the long term

2: Walk and Talk

Try to avoid siting and talking when you are on phone. If possible walk around to assist a boost in your metabolism and burn a few calories.
3: Chewing Gum
Whilst the chewing alone, will not burn many calories, the important thing is that it keeps you away from snacking on those other unhealthy treats.
4: Do the 5 Minute Challenge
During the course of a day, try to spend least 5 min of every hour moving around. Straighten up, have a stretch and go to drink some water. By the end of the day you can burn up to 170 calories and you will also see an improvement in your energy and concentration levels.
5: Laughing
Who ever knew calorie burning could be such a hoot. Whatever tickles you, make sure you get a 15 minute fixation of good laughter everyday. You’ll love the benefits.
6: Get on your bike
We love cycling and if you haven’t yet joined the revolution then now is as good a time as any to do so. You will burn calories, build muscle, get fit and importantly, you will save a bundle of cash on not using the car or taking public transport. Saddle up today!
7: Take the stairs
An average person can burn 9 calories in one minute while walking up the stairs. So skip the lift and start climbing those stairs!
8: Get your endorphins pumping
This can be anything from a doing 30 star jumps or burpees when you wake up in the morning, to having sex at the end of the day. Whichever you choose, make sure you enjoy it :-)
Happy calorie burning.
Team YHD