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Stick to your healthy resolutions!


So, we’re 3 weeks into January… how are your resolutions going? And be honest with yourself ;-)

For those of you with health and fitness high on your agenda, we wanted to share a few thoughts on how to stick to those resolutions now that the hangover has passed.

1 - Hydrate Like Water is The Workout – Drink early and often, long before becoming thirsty and drink all day long. The body is made up of over 60% water and keeping your levels up will aid your exercise routine and help fight daytime fatigue.

2 – Exercise at a Your Pace – When embarking on your new healthy lifestyle, don’t forget that you’re not yet training for the Olympics. It takes time to build up your aerobic capacity and you need to give your body a chance to develop. Set yourself monthly milestones and try to improve your performances gradually.

3 - Make it Fun and Sustainable – Pick an activity such as swimming, cycling, running, or gym training and then try to consistently commit one hour every day (or every other day if your lifestyle prevents more frequently). The consistency elevates the body’s metabolism and will burn more calories around the clock, not just during exercise.

4 – Try and Workout with a Partner – The release of endorphins when you exercise is essentially your body’s natural happy drug. And it’s even better when you’ve got a training partner to help push eachother towards your goals. From day-1 it will be easier, more fun, and help you both to stay committed to your new regime for the long haul. So don’t be shy and find a colleague, friend, or even local sports club and get yourself a training partner.

So get out there, have fun and keep on the 2014 road to health and happiness.